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Fertcoloidal® HFU

Soil conditioner: Soil conditioner based on humic, fulvic, and humin substances, and biological intensifiers of the soil, promoting biodynamic balance, structural an functional recovering of the soil by the acids action (humic and fulvic), allowing better utilization of the nutrients, and minimizing losses.

Fertcoloidal increases the microbiologic activity of the soil; increases the recovering rates of the macro and micro nutrients, and reduces losses and amount of nutrients adsorbed on clay and organic matter, providing soils with a lower salt index due to the use of high doses of fertilizers.


Fertcoloidal Conditioner

total organic carbon (TOC)


organic Nitrogen


cation exchange capacity (CEC)

759 mmolء/kg

maximum humidity


odor (smell)

It doesn’t smell



physical nature

Solid branny and granulated


  • Supply of humidified organic matter.
  • Supply of macro and micro mineral nutrients
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Increases soil aeration
  • Increases the capacity of “fixation” of transplanted seedlings and seed germination, providing larger root system and better nutrients’ absorption
  • It increases the capacity of “fixation” of transplanted seedlings and seed germination providing a larger root system and better absorption of nutrients.
  • Greater resistance to hydric stress (Indian summer) due to a greater number of roots, providing greater absorption of water and nutrients, and in deeper layers.
  • Vegetative development more intense with greater crop productivity.


Packages: 25kg and 50kg sacs; 500kg and 1000kg big bags.