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Flores (Rosas)

Pre- Planting Fertilization: Apply the Ferticoloidal at a dose of 500 to 1.000 Kg/ha per cycle and FMA BR MagMan 301 – 80 Kg/ha year in the planting groove  30 before installing the crop.

Planting Fertilization/Formation: Maxcote 13-26-13 (9M) at asingle dose of 500 Kg/ha year mixed to the soil together with Ferticoloidal and FMA BR MagMan 301 30 daysbefore transplanting   the seedlings.

Fertilization for Maintenance: Maxcote 20-10-20 (9M) at a single dose of 1.000 Kg/ha year by throwing soon after pruning and with moisture in the soil or irrigation.

 Foliar Fertilization:

Application Time



Preparing Spray Solution

Fluence 616

30 ml/ 100 L of water

Growing Period V (30 days  after transplanting)

Stimuseed Rad ER

150 ml/ 200 L de água

Complement Mo 15

100 ml/ 200 L de água

Absolut´s Start

1,0 L/ha

Exceed´s 00-30-20

0,5 L/ha

Growing Period (Full Growth)

Absolut´s Start

1,5 L/ha

Exceed´s 00-30-20

1,5 L/ha

Complement 30-00-00

1,5 L/ha

Period of Flower Bud Formation

Absolut Start

2,0 L/ha

Exceed´s 00-30-20

1,0 L/ha

Energy 30-10-10-M

1,0 Kg/ha

Recommended dose for  200 L of water or 1 ha.

1/ Make soil analysis and foliar to evaluate the nutritional levels and the maintenance of the nutrient amounts to be applied.