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Cana Soca

Production Fertilization: Maxcote 22-06-22 (4M) at a single dose of  400 Kg/ha at the beginning of regrowth.

 Foliar Fertilization:

Application Time



Preparing Spray Solution

Fluence 616

30 ml/ 100 L of water

Period of Full Vegetative Development  (50 to 70 cm height)

Stimuseed Rad ER

500 ml/ha

Absolut´s Start

2,0 L/há

Complement GI

2,0 L/ha

Complement Mo 15

250 ml/ha

Energy 30-10-10-M

1,0 Kg/ha

1/ When applied vinasse, the amount of potassium added by the vinasse must be deducted in full from the mineral fertilization.

2/ When applied wet filter cake, half of the phosphorus contained may be deducted from the recommended phosphorus fertilization.

3/ Apply 100 Kg/ha FMA BR MAGMAN 301 after the harvest and in soils with magnesium (< 5 mmolc/dm3). Repeat each 2 years or according to the said crop’s necessity represented by sampling soil and leaves.