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Eucalyptus e Pinus

Pre- Planting Fertilization: Apply the Fertcoloidal 01-17/9-00 at a dose of 500 Kg/ha and FMA BR 05 – 30 Kg/ha in the furrow 30 days before installing the crop.

Planting Fertilization (Eucalyptus): Maxcote 16-14-14 (9M) at a single dose of 330 Kg/ha at the planting furrow mixed to the soil or in 5cm fillets below the seedlings.

Planting Fertilization (Pinus): Maxcote 16-14-14 (9M) at a single dose of  270 Kg/ha in the planting furrowmixed to the soilor in 5cm fillet below the ssedlings.

Covering Fertilization (1st year after transplanting): Maxcote 22-07-15 (6M) at a single dose of150 Kg/ha in a range of 30cm to the side of the plants.

 Foliar Fertilization:

Application Time



Preparing Spray Solution

Fluence 616

30 ml/ 100 L of water

Growing Period (6 months  after transplanting. Repeat 4 times a year).

Complement Boro 10

2,0 L/ha

Absolut´s Start

1,5 L/ha

Complement GI

1,5 L/ha

Complement Cobre 7

0,5 L/ha

1st application is terrestrial and the the others must be aerial.

1/ If it is not possible to make foliar applications, use F.M.A. BR 12A applications at a dose of 50kg/ha per year.

2/ Make soil and foliar analysis to evaluate the nutritional levels and the maintaining nutrients amount to be applied.