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A Empresa

The Company History

Agroplanta Fertilizantes e Inovações Ltda.

A company committed to nutrition and protection of plants and animals.

With over 42 years of work and dedication focused on Brazilian Agribusiness, Agroplanta has strengthened and is constantly innovating, in its expansion process, oriented towards technological innovation and continuous and dynamic growth.

Investments and constant dedication in Research, Development and Technological Innovation, provided Agroplanta with approval in the INOVA AGRO Project, linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology of its Business Plan, with seven “Innovative” projects with cutting edge technology, which it has been providing, the constant development of new products, especially the “Green Chemistry” line with investments, in the modernization and optimization of existing plants and in the installation of new industrial plants, as well as the continuous training and improvement of its employees.

Modern Industrial Plants, with production processes oriented and optimized by Good Manufacturing and Logistics Practices, superior product quality, allowing to exceed the expectations of our customers, all with respect and commitment to the environment, Agroplanta produces in its three plants thousands of tons of fertilizers, ingredients and additives for animal feed and industrial additives. Executive Industrial Projects already implemented and in the course of implementation are provided to leverage and optimization in increasing productivity and greater production capacity, translating into efficiency and effectiveness in the production process and quality.

Agroplanta’s Mission

Effective participation in Brazilian Agribusiness, providing innovative solutions in plant and animal nutrition prioritizing “Green Chemistry”, to enhance available and future technologies, continuously seeking to maximize the productivity of our customers, with superior quality, seeking leadership and excellence in the areas of performance.

Our vision

Contribute systematically and comprehensively, in building a better future for our stakeholders, as well as employing the most modern technologies for a committed and responsible performance with the environment, preserving the present and future of new generations and the planet.

Our Values

Ethical and social responsibility to our stakeholders and the environment.

Constant investment in Research, Development and Innovation, in search of clean and sustainable inputs.

Be an innovative company model, committed to quality, environmental and occupational safety aspects.

Investment in training and growth of the human being and the family.

Development Policy

Development Policy structured in Research, Development and Technological Innovation, for all divisions and their inputs.

Our Research, Development and Innovation Center is supported by professionals with PhDs, masters and researchers, trained in the chemical and agronomic fields, working in the most diverse areas of interest to senior management, aimed at replacing imported products and mainly focusing on the area of Fertilizers Increased Efficiency, industrial additives, and Biodynamic and Agroecological Phytoprotectors. In complementing and supporting specific areas of technological innovation, with several partnerships, such as public and private research institutions.