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Excellence in Production with Top Quality

Technology, innovation and efficiency in all industrial divisions.

Agroplanta offers a safe, complete and innovative portfolio to leverage and optimize investments in agribusiness, allowing the maximization of productivity in the most diverse business segments of its customers, providing inputs for the corporate market and the most complete technological package for agribusiness in areas of plant and animal nutrition, industry and mixers of NPK fertilizers and leaf nutrition, in which it has recognized “superior quality” in its micronutrients and microelements. This entire structure and organization is supported by modern and innovative equipment and plants, raw materials of superior quality and qualified and committed employees.

Industrial Plants:

Industrial Unit I – Candido Portinari Highway. Km 349.5
Industrial Complex “João Garcia Fernandes”:
Industrial Unit II – Altino Arantes Highway Km 57 + 140 m.
Industrial Unit III – Altino Arantes Highway Km 57 + 200 m.

Plant Nutrition:

The most modern and complete portfolio of products and formulations, providing technology and innovation, for the entire agribusiness market, prioritizing green chemistry and organic products.

Animal Nutrition:

Complete portfolio of microelements and additives for animal feed, with total safety and efficiency and traceability, through GMP good manufacturing practices.


Industry, Fertilizer Mixers and Mineral Salt:

Excellence in the manufacture of inputs, with a dynamic and modern portfolio, of raw materials and blends, for industry and mixers of foliar fertilizers, NPK and mineral salt, with superior quality.